Department of Treasury
Office of Management and Budget

Employee Self Service

Can I print my stub?
Yes, you can print your pay stub using the Download Printable Version link next to your pay stub.
Can I request copies of old pay stubs? If so, how would I go about doing this?
The Employee Self Service application provides access to pay stubs dating back to pay period 1 of 2005. You can select the stub9s) you wish to view through the Earnings History link on the Employee Self Service home page. Pay stubs prior to 2005 are not available.
What if I find an error, or the data on my record is incorrect?
The data on your records is directly from the State's Payroll System and is the image of what you would have received on your printed pay check stub. Contact your Payroll Representative if you see anything that appears incorrect.
Printed pay stubs are sealed so I know no one has seen my information. Who will now have the rights/capability of seeing my online pay stub?
The only person that will be able to see your online pay stub is you, unless you give out your Log On ID and password.
What if I am injured or incapacitated and am unable to access my records? Can I give my log on information to someone else to access my records for me?
Access to your data is secured by you using your unique Log On ID and Password. This combination of information protects you from anyone accessing your data. It is important that you respect this safeguard and not share this information casually. In the event of a situation that would warrant your decision to share this information with someone to assist you in accessing your data, be careful that this individual is someone you trust. Once you no longer need this individual to assist you, you should change your password the next time you log on to the myNewJersey web portal.
How do I change the password for my Log On ID?
Click on the ¿my account¿ link at the top center of your myNewJersey page. You can change your password there.
Can I change my Log on ID for Employee Self Service?
Employees are only permitted to change the Log On ID linked to Employee Self Service if there is a confirmed security breach of the myNewJersey Log On ID account.
When will I be able to see the next pay period's pay stub?
Pay stubs are posted on the Wednesday of pay week. The funds, however, will still not be available until the scheduled pay day designated on the payroll calendar.
I receive a regular pay check and a supplemental pay check. Will I be able to see both of these pay stubs online?
Yes, when you log on to view your pay stub you will be able to view regular pay stubs and supplemental pay stubs. However, your supplemental payroll check will still be issued as a printed pay check and not as direct deposit.
Are my records backed up if there is a loss of power or other type of large system failure at the State's facility?
The State's computer facility provides for backup of data on a daily basis. Data files and applications are safely and securely stored in the event of any system failure. Restoration of data files is easily accomplished to return applications and data files to normal operation after any problem occurs.
If I buy a new computer, or a virus wipes out the memory on my existing PC, do I need to go through the enrollment process again?
All information is kept on the State's computer system. You are able to reach the application via the Internet from the State's Home Page by logging in using your personal Log On ID and Password. This can be done from any computer that has access to the Internet. If your home computer fails for any reason, this does not affect the security or availability of your information or access to the Employee Self Service application.
What if I'm on vacation for 2-3 weeks and need to access my pay stubs?
Your pay stubs can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any Internet connected PC through the myNewJersey web portal.
I no longer work for the State. Will I still be able to access Employee Self Service?
Former employees continue to have access to Employee Self Service until the end of the calendar year in which they receive their final W2 form from the State.
Can I see my pension pay stubs on Employee Self Service?
Pension pay information is not posted on Employee Self Service.
W9 Preferences - Does updating my information for my pay check also update my travel & training reimbursements?
As of November 7, 2018, you can opt to have the same information (address and bank details) used for your travel and training reimbursements by updating your W9 preferences in Employee Self Service.
W9 Preferences - How has the process changed?
You no longer need to submit a paper NJ W9 form to the Vendor Control Unit. You can now have the data from Payroll update the information within NJCFS.
W9 Preferences - How do I update my information (name, address, banking details)?
Complete an address and/or name change packet and submit it to your HR as usual. Once payroll processes the change, your information will update in NJCFS automatically based on your W9 Preferences selection.
W9 Preferences - I currently have direct deposit form my training and travel. How does this impact me?
No action is necessary for employees who currently have the same banking details for their payroll and training/travel reimbursements. Your preferences will automatically be updated in Employee Self Service to share both the W9 and direct deposit registration form.
W9 Preferences - I don't receive travel, training, or tuition reimbursement. How does this impact me?
This does not impact you. You do not need to take any action in the W9 Preferences section.
How secure is the electronic pay stub?
The electronic stub is more secure than the paper stub. Only you will know your Log On ID and password. Your password is even encrypted on the State's Web servers. No one at the State will know your password. We encrypt all data transmissions between your computer and our data center using the strongest industry-standard SSL protocols available.